Grassroots Soccer for Kids

Grassroots Soccer is for Everyone!

The mission of United FC's Grassroots Soccer Programme is simply to “educate as many kids as possible through the fun sport of soccer while promoting the game”. Our programme follows the main objective of FIFA’s Grassroots football programme which is to allow soccer to be discovered by as many people as possible.

The best way to do this is to give every kid access to soccer in their own environment whatever their age, sex, physical condition, skin color, religion or ethnic origin. United FC Grassroot Soccer Programme is for boys and girls aged 5-10 years old, and their parents and family member.

Through our partnerships with sponsors, schools, and other community organizations we provide training, games, and lots of fun weekly activities for kids.

At United FC we provide players with opportunities to learn and play at the earliest levels to the highest.

United FC Grassroot Soccer Programme is for boys and girls aged 5-10 years old, along with their parents and family member.

Grassroot Programme
5-10 Years Old
Game Schedule
League Games

Games and tournaments are a part of our FIFA Grassroots programme. The emphasis is not on competition but on fun.

Play fair and have fun.

Grassroots Soccer is for parents and kids (5-10 years old) looking for recreational activities, and also those interested in training and playing in fun friendly soccer matches against other clubs.

The programme teaches kids how to play fair, have fun, and promote the positive development of the sport.

2016-2017 U8 COED Grassroot Soccer Team congratulates the other team.

Of course not all young players will become the stars of the future and they do not all have the skills required to become professional players. But every kid can benefit from a little physical activity and a whole lot fun.

Develop better social skills.

Essential elements of grassroots soccer include building relationships, team spirit, and fun. The concept of learning through play while being guided by coaches and educators is our unique approach designed to engage youngster so that they too can become engaged, and engage other.

Andrea, Olivia and Jelecia are friends on 2016-2017 U8 COED Grassroot Soccer Team

The coaches and educators at United FC are dynamic, passionate and motivational, and always respect the children’s physical, physiological and psychological characteristics.

Soccer is an Excellent means of expression for kids.

Soccer is the main recreational activity of countless numbers of children around the world. It is an exceptional tool for social integration and an excellent means of expression. The United FC's FIFA Grassroots Programme offers everyone the chance to play soccer, without discrimination.

Our grassroots soccer programme complements the initiatives of the Bahamas FA Grassroots Programme. It has been developed in close cooperation with Bahamas FA, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Sports and Culture, parents, and kids.