Youth Soccer For Kids Ages 11-18

Youth Soccer at United FC

Our Youth Soccer Development Programme is fun for boys and girls aged 11-18 years old, along with their parents and family member. Kids learn and play soccer 2 days per week at C. H. Reeves Junior High School Soccer Field.

Each day, there are planned activities and training for both "Recreational" and "Competitive" players. So it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an All-Star - everyone is welcomed.

"United FC's Youth Soccer Development Programme is the largest and most successful youth soccer organization in The Bahamas."

Garry Markham, Technical Director BFA


In addition to soccer-related activities, United FC also supports academic achievement and provides players with access to tutors and after-school classes. Whether we're on the field, or in the classroom, we're somewhere having fun.

Programme Fee
Per Player
Programme Duration
3 Days Per Week

The focus is on learning, practicing and transposing the technical skills mastered to real games.

Recreational Players

Recreational players attend a minimum of two (2) practices sessions per week. Most players in this group are new or just learning to the game of soccer, so the focus is on teaching basic skills and having fun. Practices are interactive and feature different types of soccer activities including Beach Soccer.

Competitive Players

Competitive players attend extra weekly practice sessions and train at a higher level. Most players in this group are competing to be selected for one of United FC's competitive teams. Players in this group are also awarded opportunities with the National Player Development Programme and Bahamas National Teams.

Developing Bahamian youth soccer players

Training young players are essential for the future of Bahamian national and international football. United FC and clubs like United FC have a huge responsibility to develop football. As such United FC has created a training philosophy that is adapted to the characteristics of Bahamian kids.

With the support of the Bahamas FA, CONCACAF and  FIFA United FC has created a development programme dedicated to youth football.