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Competitive Soccer in The Bahamas starts at the U13 Division. At this level, our U13 Boys are introduced to more tactical aspects of the game with an emphasis on improving their technical abilities. Registered players are selected and assigned to teams based on their performance in these critical areas.

Since there is not a Recreational Division at this level, United FC sometime submits two (2) teams into the league; Orange Team which is for more advanced players, and White Team which is newer players. This system allow more players to gain "BIG GAME" experiences.


2017-2018 U13 BOYS (Orange) Team

2017-2018 U13 BOYS (White) Team


Name Coach W L T PTS Schedule
1 United FC U13 Boys (Orange) Samuel Thibaud 2 0 0 6  Schedule
2 Bears FC U13 Boys 0 0 0 0  Schedule
3 Baha Jrs. U13 Boys (Blue) 0 0 0 0  Schedule
4 Renegades FC U13 Boys (Sharks) 0 0 0 0  Schedule
5 Dynamos FC U13 Boys 0 1 0 0  Schedule
6 Future Stars FC U13 Boys 0 0 0 0  Schedule


Name Coach W L T PTS Schedule
1 Renegades FC U13 BOYS (Marlins) 0 0 0 0  Schedule
2 United FC U13 BOYS (White) Samuel Thibaud 0 0 0 0  Schedule
3 Cavalier FC U13 BOYS 0 0 0 0  Schedule
4 FC Nassau Pirates U13 BOYS 0 0 0 0  Schedule
5 Baha Jrs. U13 BOYS (Yellow) 0 0 0 0  Schedule

2017-2018 U13 BOYS SCHEDULE

Team Game / Event Result Date Time Location

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